The Way


The Inner Workings Exposed!

We consider ourselves to be the mechanics of the Internet. But more personable. You drop your car off to your mechanic, come back later and your car is in working condition again. But you don't know what happened while you were separated from your car. It's not so with us. We keep you updated throughout the whole process, with complete transparency. Here's a quick look at what happens behind the scenes, and what we'll do for you.

We Get to Know Each Other

Let's talk about hex baby!

We meet in person and go over your needs and wants, intentions and targets, design considerations and hash out a plan. Do you need strictly a web presence? Social media growth? Or are you going for something BIG? We can help with it all.

We Help Create Your Vision

All your dreams come true!

This is the nitty-gritty. We work out a design with you, register your domain name (if you don't already have it), figure out your hosting options (the space that will contain your website), and begin to create. This is where the mystery begins for most.

What kind of work goes into creating a website?

Unless you are in need of a custom solution, we create a Wordpress website and install a theme and the components that are required for the functionality of your site. Then we brand it and customize it to your needs. After that we work with you on revisions and changes, to create a website you'll love.


Your Website Launches

You're a webspace superstar!

We press the button, your website goes live and your online legacy begins!

After Care

It doesn't end on launch day

In need of ongoing support?
We can keep your site up to date, post content for you and more!


Are you ready to have that first conversation yet?
Or maybe you want to know our rates?